An Inclusive Growth

  • If a body circulates more blood to one organ and less blood to another, it can be safely assumed that the body is not in a good condition. This analogy applies to a community as well. Concentration of wealth and growth in the hands of few is a sign of an imbalanced community that caters to the whims of those with power. Wealth Distribution is an indicator of whether the growth of a community is balanced or not. Tamilnadu hasn’t missed to impress the nation on this count too.
  • We can categorise our community into 5 stratas – lowest class, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, and upper class. The wealth distribution in Tamilnadu among these categories are as follows. Upper class – 22%, upper middle class – 30.90%, middle class – 27.20%, lower middle class – 15.3%, and lowest class – 4.60%.
  • Another interesting picture painted by these data is that approximately 60% of the wealth is held by middle class people. Why is this significant? We call America a developed nation not because it houses a majority of the uppermost class. It is called a developed nation because the majority of its population is middle class. By steadily increasing the count of the middle class population, Tamilnadu is drawing parallels with America.