What is
Idea பட்டறை?

Idea பட்டறை is an event for polishing startup ideas targeted towards young founders. The event happens in a workshop format. Be ready and open to receive critical feedback on your idea – we call this “ Startup Tear Down”.

The objective of Idea பட்டறை.

The goal of the pattarai is to take out the rough edges and get your ideas polished for pitching to potential investors, customers and also for hiring your founding team.

Who should attend?

This is open only for aspiring or existing startup  founders who have ideas they want to pursue seriously.  Ideally, we expect two founders from the same  company can attend as a team. an exception if you are a single founder.

Hosted By

Suresh Sambandam

Founder & CEO of Kissflow

Leading Software firm.

Convenor of Dream

Tamilnadu Organisation

Member of Tamilnadu's State Planning

comission for Industrial Transformation

Member of Tamilnadu's

"Future of IT" advisory committee

What you will learn in  this Workshop!

Understanding and refining your ideal customer profile (ICP)
Get deeper clarity on your ICP’s needs and wants
Unique value proposition of your solution to the ICP
Validating your idea against opportunities and threats
Understand market size (TAM / SAM / SOM)
Unit Economics
Organizing your pitch
Presenting your pitch in under 7 mins
Network with other fellow founders
Learn to work with startup CEOs / mentor

Nov, 13th 2021

Time 9 am to 6 pm

Tower-B, World Trade Center, OMR, Perungudi, Chennai - 96


No. Timeslot Event Description


10:00 -10:20           

Framework of an Ideal Pitch:
What should it contain?
How should it be delivered

02 10:20-11:00Case Study based Learning
Evolution of an initial pitch / idea into a compelling pitch through 2 real life examples.
03 11:00-12:30Preparation Workshop
The event is organized by splitting them into teams of 12-16 members each. The teams   work on redefining their business pitch. Applies the learnings from the previous session   and takes help of peers and the mentor assigned to the group.
0412:30-15:00Peer Presentation
Each group presents their pitch within the group based on the framework to each other   and their mentor and receive feedback. At the end of this session each group will pick 1   nominee from their group to present in the finale. Working lunch will be served
05 15:00-16:00Shaping the Nominee
Each group will have to nominate one best team to present before the audience. Refine the  selected company pitch and showcase that particular company.
0616:00-18:00Final Presentation
Presenting the final business pitch and also explaining their business pitch evolution story   (4 Min to present, 2 min for Question)
0718:00-18:30Concluding the event & wishing well.


Event Price

The goal of the pattarai is to take out the rough edges and get your ideas polished for pitching to potential investors, customers and also for hiring your founding team.

Rs. 999

One Founder Team

Rs. 1499

Two Founder Team

Rs. 1999

Three Founder Team

Our Moderators

Aditya Santhanam

CPO - Entrustient Inc

Jegan Selvaraj

Stealth Mode Startup

Our Mentors


Co-Founder, My Harvest Farms

Arun Prakash M

Founder & CEO, GUVI.io

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-founder, PipeCandy

A J Balasubramanian

Director, Aigilx Health

Gowri Thyagarajan Mukherjee

Co-Founder, CreditMantri

Geethanjali Radhakrishna

Founder, Adiuvo Diagnostics

K Suresh Kumar

Executive Director, PSG-STEP

Kumar Vembu

Founder & CEO, GoFrugal Technologies

M.V Subramanian

Co-Founder, Future Focus

Padmini Janaki

CEO, Mind and Mom

Prabhu Ramachandran

Founder and CEO, Facilio Inc

Senthil Kanthaswamy

Business Unit Leader, Freshworks

Suneil Chawla

Co-Founder, Social Beat

Vanipriya Jayaraman

Director, Exotel

Vengat Krishnaraj

Co-Founder, Klenty