Master Stroke 4 – Learning English & Facilitating Global Communication

  • If we had to pick the most significant move in the past 50 years of Tamilnadu, it would be the Bilingual Policy Law implemented by Anna! Why so? This law helped children learn the richness of Tamil language while simultaneously exploring the global reach of English. If Chennai is sitting confidently in the front row of international trade and exchanges, it is because of the confidence of fluent communication instilled in our youngsters.
  • And learning English did not benefit us just on the trade front – it also benefited us on a larger scale by helping us unlock information and thereby be more informed than the people of other states are. A study reveals that Tamilnadu has the maximum debates and discussions on political and social issues. This policy has helped us excel better in our jobs and has given us a chance to be well-informed about the current happenings.