Dream TN is a For Purpose Organization co-created by a group of Entrepreneurs,Professionals,Academics and Members of Civil society working towards the goal of a prosperous and self-reliant Tamil Nadu. We focus on improving the existing infrastructure and educating the Tamil Community in areas encompassing Entrepreneurship, Business opportunities & commerce, arts & crafts, agriculture, education,environment and politics.


Dream TN is more than an NGO.We are a Socio Economic movement with a great dream for an economically prosperous, Culturally rich and Environment friendly Tamil Nadu. The Driving force of this organisation is Social Justice, Equity and Equality, hence there is no restriction in caste, religion, race or nationality to be a part of DreamTN. But for those of you who are interested in being part of this diverse team of volunteers, what we ask is that you share our dream in the overall development of Tamil Nadu and a strong belief in these core 5 ideologies of DreamTN.

The DreamTN movement true to its ideologies does not believe in the centralisation of authority or leadership and has a distributed structure. In DreamTN even the grassroots level volunteer will be empowered enough to see his intellectual and physical efforts bear fruit. This will in turn help build a responsible organisation from the ground up.

DreamTN and its founders take pride in the fact that we depend on research driven information and factual data with a practical perspective to devise our schemes and projects.It is the vision of Dream Tamil Nadu to make Tamil Nadu a pioneer in the world in sectors ranging from education, industry, infrastructure, health, art, literature, agriculture, environment and politics!