You might have come across various organisations that serve the society in many ways. Why should you volunteer with Dream Tamil Nadu when there are so many other Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)? While each Non-Governmental Organisation is noble in its own way, Dream Tamil Nadu differs from the rest of the NGOs, by choosing a focus area outside the charity circle. We have started this organisation with the notion of bringing about an Economic Revolution. Our focus is to improve the economy of Tamil Nadu, with our collective efforts.

Every movement has a mission to achieve. All the efforts of that movement are woven around this mission. For example, let us take our Freedom protests. The mission of the protests was 'Freedom'. Similarly, Dream Tamil Nadu has a mission too - to make Tamil Nadu a Trillion Dollar Economy! All our efforts will be directed toward this mission of pushing Tamil Nadu's economy toward the Trillion Dollar Mark - that is, we are going to make it a Rs 72 lakh crores' economy, as per today's rate. The big number might put in a slight hesitation. We understand that, but we also know that a journey of many miles starts with a single step. We believe in our talent and intelligence and are ready to give our all for the improvement of our society. The More, the Merrier' - with curious minds volunteering with us, we predict that we can even speed up the timeline. 

So why concentrate on strengthening the economy, when there are more areas that require attention too? Because wealth is the ultimate measure of an economy's health. Yes, we do know that money is not everything, and that some things are more valuable than money; but it is an undeniable fact that Wealth is Power. Even Tirukkural says that Wealth is the ultimate weapon to destroy an enemy's pride. This emphasis on wealth doesn't mean that we'd use any means to acquire wealth. We do have our principles that we strictly adhere to. Our enthusiasm to reach our goal shall NEVER be at the cost of people's happiness or the environment.

Ok, so will Dream Tamil Nadu stop its work after Tamil Nadu becomes a Trillion Dollar Economy? Definitely not! An organisation that serves the public first rest that easily. After reaching the Trillion Dollar Milestone, we believe that it is also our duty to keep the Trillion Dollar Economy stable. By ensuring Social Justice, Secularity, Cooperative Governance, Dual-Language Approach, and Conservation of the Environment, the economy shall have a stable base it can build on further. It is important to be well-versed with these concepts, to be a part of Dream Tamil Nadu.

We heartily invite you to be a part of this big dream of Dream Tamil Nadu.