Trillion Dollar Dream

செய்க பொருளைச் செறுநர் செருக்குஅறுக்கும் எஃகுஅதனின் கூரியது இல்’ – குறள் 759 - (This is a verse from the world-renowned Thirukkural. The rough translation goes as follows: “There is no greater weapon than money to destroy the pride of one’s enemy”)

‘Dream Tamilnadu’ aims to build a Trillion Dollar Economy in Tamilnadu in the next 10-15 years. This growth must be created without damaging our environment or happiness of citizens of Tamilnadu through inclusive wealth creation. We aim to achieve this by creating a new knowledge-oriented businesses and transforming existing businesses to become knowledge centric.


Knowledge-oriented businesses

‘Human resources’ are the foundation for all knowledge-oriented businesses. Tamilnadu is one of the forerunners in graduating knowledge  workers to the job market. On a yearly basis, Tamilnadu has approximately 5 lakh engineers and graduates stepping out of college, eager to get a job their qualification deserves. But are all these people rightly employed? Definitely no. Every day we come across graduates who have turned into delivery workers or have resorted to petrol bunk jobs to feed their stomachs. We’re not trying to establish high jobs or low jobs here. We believe in the dignity of labour and emphasise that any legal job is honourable in its own way. What we focus on is the dreams that have been dumped for the sake of hunger and unemployment. If this situation continues, it won’t be long before Tamilnadu witnesses a social unrest. To escape from such a situation, we need to transform the Youth mindset from the one that searches for jobs to a new order of starting businesses and providing jobs for others. the land that has so long depended on others for jobs has to become a centre of job-creation. It is not something that can be achieved in a day. But with consistent and united efforts, we can implement knowledge-oriented businesses in every district of Tamilnadu and create the employment opportunities for our youth budding minds.  

Why did Dream Tamilnadu decide to focus on Knowledge-oriented businesses? Two reasons – 1. Economic factors 2. Social Factors.

Economic Factor: 

Jobs that require physical labour will be under threat once the age of Robotics and Artificial intelligence arrives. Our labour laws may delay the consequences, but they cannot eliminate the effect altogether. To face such a situation, the creation of knowledge-based jobs becomes a necessity. You can replace physical labour in most cases, but it is impossible to replace a human mind with an artificial one. While we wish this doesn’t happen, we  at the least believe it will take a while for an artificial intelligence mind to match the instincts and decision-making capabilities of the human mind especially the jobs that are linked to creativity.

Social factors:

Even in today’s India, we are unable to stop associating jobs with castes. We doubt if we’d even hear one person of the forward castes have been employed in lathe factories, sewage jobs, cleaning jobs. By some unwritten rule, these sort of jobs are assigned only to the oppressed castes. These knowledge-oriented businesses can help reduce this social gap by providing opportunity to every qualified mind, irrespective of caste, gender, religion, or physical abilities.

This is why we chose knowledge-oriented businesses as our weapon to bring about a positive change in Tamilnadu.

Mass Entrepreneurship:

More often than not, the words ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ are associated solely with Money. But entrepreneurship is much more than making money. above the concept of money. Yes, an entrepreneur needs money to run the business, but that is not the only thing an entrepreneur needs. Entrepreneurship is about problem solving at the core using Innovation and creativity resulting in and value creation. are what bear the weight of an entrepreneur’s dreams. Money can be borrowed or loaned, but innovation and value creation has to come from one’s own thinking.  The product or service that arises from the summation of innovation, creativity & value creation this should be able to address at least a small problem or requirement of the society. That is what defines the spirit of entrepreneurship. Money is a by-product an entrepreneur gets when he makes his dream a reality. Most businessmen are focussed on money while entrepreneurs are focussed on solving societal problems there by creating a responsible society.  and hence we Quite often we come across a news article that explains a businessman swindling the money that does not belong to him / her. Hence it is important This is why we need to instill the difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs in young minds and inspire them to become entrepreneurs.

Despite calling ourselves modern, we have been able to have only 2-3 entrepreneurs per 1000 people. The numbers in America show a huge contrast – there are — entrepreneurs per 1000 people. The irony is that, in high school education, we rank higher than America. Despite having a population more educated than America’s population we are unable to boast about our entrepreneurship spirit. Why so? Take any youngster from Tamilnadu – he or she may be of any class or caste. From childhood they are constantly being told to take the one root that parents and teachers consider “safe”. Study well, get into a good college, get a job through campus interviews, and get a big, fat salary. This is what is considered as a template life. And anyone who dares to dream outside this box is frowned upon. It never dawned upon us that we are clipping the wings of our younger generation and are preventing them from achieving pursuits higher than a day job and a good salary. This is why we don’t have entrepreneurs who are on the same scale as Bill Gates or Richard Branson. We will be able to produce such visionaries, only by encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship. Let us not tether them with the ropes we were tethered with and let us set them free to pursue their goals, not their parents’ or relatives’.

Global Brands

While talking about entrepreneurship, we should not forget that Tamilnadu is already an industrially-progressive state that leads the nation in plenty of industries such as Electronics, Leather, Textiles, etc.  But even in these industries, we act only as contract manufacturers and not as the main firms. The goods and services we make profit multinational corporations more than they profit us. For example, let’s take the inners and briefs manufacturing industry. Jockey and Hanes are two of the world-renowned brands of this industry. Their combined revenue hits a mark around 50,000 crore Rupees! Their manufacturing units are located Tamilnadu – in Hosur, Tirupur and Coimbatore. Despite the large labour force used, we are not credited with much in terms of value. So, taking our products and services to the global market and establishing brands must be the goal. This way, we would bag the credit for both – innovation and value creation. By creating brand recognition, we would turn heads to our direction, thus paving way for economic development.

Political Status

It is a general view that the area of politics circles around wealth. If Tamilnadu has to be credited for its contributions to the country, we have to have a major part in increasing the nation’s GDP. To give an estimate, in the next 10 years, India would have progressed from a 5-trillion-dollar economy to a 7-trillion-dollar economy. In the same timeline, if Tamilnadu achieves the status of being a 1-trillion-dollar economy, our contribution would be 15-20 % of the nation’s GDP. With such a major contribution, Tamilnadu will receive the political status it deserves.