• With no belief in tricks and show-offs, Buddha shone in the spiritual world with Truth and Kindness as his only weapons.
  • Mankind has seen many spiritual Gurus. But there are only a handful the world cannot forget – like Buddha, Jesus.
  • Buddha can be analysed in three facets – 1. Buddha, the guru 2. Buddha the Philosopher and 3. Buddha, as recounted by history. Buddha, the guru is the Buddha we worship. The Philosopher facet is perceived as being a tad hot-headed. The historical facet shows him as the Prince of the Shakya clan who renounced all worldly pleasures to live the life of an ascetic.
  • Spiritual World witnessed a major revolution post the entry of Buddha. Taboos and Myths stood no chance with Buddha. He replaced the concept of God with love and kindness, and the spirit of giving. When asked to name his concept, he named it ‘Dhammam’.
  • The word ‘Dhammam’ covers all acts of goodness. The clash between Buddhist and Hindu principles is what the past 2000 years of Indian History majorly contains.
  • Buddha opposed the Vedas not just on the spiritual front, but also on the political front. He replaced the concept of good and sins with good deeds and bad deeds. He was a revolutionary who bravely put forth his thoughts even when the odds were stacked against him.
  • It is one thing to abstain from worldly pleasures when one doesn’t have access to luxuries and riches. But when every luxury available at the flick of his finger, Buddha renounced his riches and kingdom and accepted an ascetic’s simple life. His internal struggle in deciding which was bravery – wielding weapons or love – left him without a wink’s sleep. After having decided that Love was the ultimate weapon, he stepped out of the royal life without any delay. His legs trod a path that stopped at a peepal tree in Gaya, where he is said to have attained Nirvana and preached the philosophy of Love.
  • Buddha is considered as a revolutionist, as a reformer, as a God – but above all, he identified himself as a passerby, as just another person who sped through the train of time.
  • Buddha can be felt through worship, but he can be known only by reading. After reading about Buddhism, ‘Buddham Sharanam Kacchaami’ will no longer be just a phrase. It will shine through the pile of ideologies as the diamond that shows the way to equality.