Dream Letter – 1

Hi Vijayalakshmi,

Thanks for emailing me .

01.Passion is different from Entrepreneurship

02.Passion makes you good at something, if you put in the effort .

03.For me, my passion made me good in programming

04.There are a lot of programmers who are better than me .

05.They did not become successful entrepreneurs

06.It took 10 years for me to become a decent programmer

07.It took another 15 years for me to become a successful entrepreneur in the eyes of others.

08.Passion makes you an expert in something

09.Entrepreneurship is using that expertise and building a big business.

10. So passion and entrepreneurship are different.

11.For me it took totally 25 years to get where I am.

12.Don’t get scared. Many, many entrepreneurs have done it faster than me .

13.Nevertheless, it is a lot of work and commitment to create a company.

14.Entrepreneurship is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not easy.

15.But it is rewarding. For me, more than money, it gives me happiness .

So, if coding is your passion be good it and it would take few years for you to become an expert. And, you won’t become an expert by reading one book. During 1990s, there was no internet access hence I had to buy books. Now all the knowledge is available online. You don’t need to buy books. Use internet. More than learning, practice a lot. Once you become an expert, think about a software problem you can solve that many people have using your coding knowledge. That would take you in the path to Entrepreneurship! Remember entrepreneurs are problem solvers and not money makers. Money is the by—product of the problem you solve. All the best for you from the #DreamTN team.

Thanks and Regards ,

Suresh Sambandam,

Volunteer, DreamTN . org

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Hello sir,

Im Vijayalakshmi from srivilliputtur (virudhunagar dist) .

Im really inspired on your interviews. Im studing 12th std in sivakasi lions school (cs group) . My parents are uneducated and so they won’t restrict me Or insist me to chose a course Or profession. I wanted to be coder and entrepreneur like you. You always say that you bought a book for 1500 rs +that book made you to make a *********** company. I nearly saved 1000rs from that i wanted to buy a coding book can you please recommed me a book that will help me to achive like you in my due course. I don’t whether this is your correct mail id. But I wish it would be. Please help me to achieve in my life.

Thanking you sir .

Yours respectfully,