Jayaprakash Narayan

  • Jayaprakash Narayan – A leader who isn’t spoken about much in Indian politics, but deserves much more recognition. He is the best example that a Gandhian can topple any government.
  • In the early 1970s, Indira Gandhi’s government reached the extreme step of invoking the Emergency. Through his selfless protests, Jayaprakash Narayan put an end to the atrocities committed under the name of Emergency.
  • Jayaprakash knew Indira Gandhi since her childhood. To curb his protests, Indira Gandhi imprisoned this father figure of hers in Chandigarh jail. Despite the pain he suffered there due the kidney problems, he never stopped protesting such extreme policies brought forth by Indira Gandhi. His soul rested only after achieving what it wanted most – relieving the people from tyranny.
  • Jayaprakash is a saint of the 20th century. After the death of Prabhavati, his beloved wife, he lived a simple life, alone, without any family to care for him. Maybe, if Indira Gandhi had not announced the Emergency, he would have lived a very Gandhian life till his end.
  • The 1970s was a dark era for India. The youngsters lost hope in everything. High unemployment levels were driving them toward bad paths. JP offered a ray of hope for youngsters to come out of this situation. He introduced ‘Total Revolution’ and re-instilled hope in youngsters. He taught them that the nation hasn’t failed them and that there is still scope for better things in the future. By inspiring the youth and directing them in the right path, he carried out Gandhi’s visions and became a second Gandhi for many.
  • Congress was good in part. But the lack of opposition or rivalry made the party get drunk with power. If Namboodiri and Anna were the first hit on Congress’s swollen pride, Jayaprakash was the second hit. The Janata government that was formed with his help is the first non-Congress party to form a Government. His recommendation, Morarji Desai was the first prime minister of a non-Congress party.
  • Jayaprakash was never interested in holding big positions or honours.Though he had the chance to become the Prime Minister after Nehru, he chose to be a Gandhian who worked for the betterment of the society. Again, in 1977, when Janata formed the government, he was offered a chance to become the Prime Minister of India. In fact, he was the one who helped them form the Government. But he generously left the way for Morarji Desai to take the position of Prime Minister and chose to be a common man despite various opportunities coming his way.
  • Jayaprakash is hailed as the leader of leaders. Many politicians of North India, including Lalu Prasad Yadav, Sarath Yadav, Nithish, and Mulayam Singh Yadav were mentored by him.