Trillion Dollar Dream

‘செய்க பொருளைச் செறுநர் செருக்குஅறுக்கும்
எஃகுஅதனின் கூரியது இல்’
குறள்- 759

Accumulate wealth; it will destroy the arrogance of your foes; there is no weapon sharper than it.


The primary objective of DreamTN is to make Tamilnadu a trillion dollar economy and one of the major industrial, economical and Agricultural power houses in the Indian Subcontinent. This has to be done without impacting the environment and the livelihood of the people. DreamTNs blueprint is to inject Intellectual and digital transformation into new and existing businesses in Tamilnadu.

To achieve this, DreamTN surmises that Tamilnadu needs these important transformations to be effected

Knowledge Economy The backbone of a fledgling economy is knowledge. Tamilnadu which is a leading center for human resources and that too with an intellectual because the majority of the youth here are educated graduates. Approximately 5 lakh engineers and graduates come out here every year.These graduates are more attuned to intellectual careers. Now a question arises. Could all these graduates be employed into industries and business? The answer is a strong no. This is why we see many of our educated youth being employed in jobs lower than their worth.This can create an atmosphere of social unrest and uncertainty.Hence Tamil youth need to be transformed from a community of Job Seekers to Job providers. This cannot be achieved overnight. But in the days to come, DreamTN proposes to help entrepreneurs and businesses establish business that are knowledge driven and recruit intellectual candidates across all districts of Tamilnadu. DreamTN banks on Knowledge economy as a principal way forward to achieve a trillion dollar economy. This is because of two strong reason, the first being Economical and the second being Social. The economic rationale behind this path is that manual intensive labour driven economies are not future friendly. With the advent of new age technological progress like Artificial Intelligence and Digital transformation, manual labourers are going to loose their jobs. This may be delayed by introducing labour laws, but the future is inevitable.In such an economy only knowledge driven labour adds value. The Social rationale behind this path is that caste and class inequality plays an important role in manual occupations. Even now the upper castes and middle castes in Tamil Nadu are not involved in labour intensive professions such as workshops, loadmen, sanitation workers etc…These jobs are specifically kept aside for the downtrodden. Dream TN believes that if every is skilled in futuristic technologies and professions, this caste and class distinction will disappear. A computer doesn’t discriminate who sits in front of it and gives it commands be it male or a female, a high caste or a low caste. It only gauges the skill of the individual. Against the backdrop of these two factors, the Dream Tamil Nadu movement is at the forefront of the knowledge economy. Mass Entrepreneurship We have been led to believe that the end goal of any business is to make money. Although it is true to an extent, we have to understand there is a distinct difference between Business and Entrepreneurship.A business man invests money as his primary capital whereas an entrepreneur invests his intellect as his primary capital. Entrepreneurship is based on innovation and value creation. Money is important for an entrepreneur. But that is not the end goal.It is only a byproduct. The key is whether or not his Idea and Innovation solves a problem at large. Business men are rarely value creators and focus only on money. But entrepreneurs on the other hand, create a value driven ecosystem focussed problem solving. DreamTN takes upon itself to create entrepreneurs who are not only successful in running innovative business but are also socially responsible. Unfortunately, the drive for entrepreneurship among the youth of Tamilnadu is generally very low as compared to the western countries. This is rather surprising because vis a vis Higher education GER (Gross enrollment ratio) Tamilnadu overakes most western nation, i.e) as a percentage of students taking up graduation from higher secondary schools, Tamilnadu is higher than most western nations. If we take a look back at history, Tamilnadu was always a trade and industry faring country from prehistory, when guilds of Tamil Merchants straddled the seven seas dealing in trade and commerce. Right now only 2-3% of students opt for entrepreneurship. This is because our parents, teachers and the community do not yet have a proper understanding of entrepreneurship. We all strive to suppress our youth into a worn out formula. That worn-out formula is that our young people should study well, attend a good college, get selected for a campus interview and preferably in an MNC and earn a comfortable salary without any risk.The rich and the middle class are no exception to this rat race. The society as a  whole comes together to brainwash young minds against risk and entrepreneurship and hence Tamilnadu does not produce any entrepreneurs worthy of global fame.Entrepreneurship needs to be inculcated in young people. For that we need to unleash their mindsets and make way for them to think and act freely. Building Global Brands When we talk about Knowledge economy and Mass entrepreneurship, we shouldn’t forget building brands. In Fact this is an area that can be considered as a weak spot for Tamilnadu, which is other a major Industrial destination. Industries in Tamilnadu established over decades act as not only as contract manufacturers for consumer products like Textiles, leather, woven & knitted apparel but also for precision engineering components like automobile spares and engineering spares that global giants rely on to make cars and also launch spacecraft. But why have we never been able to brand these products and cater them to a global audience ? Brands like Levis, American Eagle, Super Dry, Aeropostale, Dolce and Gabbana in Textiles get their products manufactured from the western districts of Tamil Nadu. Automobile Manufactures like Ford, Renault, General Motors depend on industries in Coimbatore and Chennai to manufacture components and assemble their CKD vehicles.The examples are endless.  We focus on the cost of labour and do not focus on value creation.Therefore, we need to create Global Brands in Tamil Nadu so that we can take our products globally in the future. If we do that, we will be able to take over the total value generated by those brands and grow the economy many times over. Political Contribution and Significancae Politics is always about money and power.For Tamilnadu to be duly recognised by the Indian Union, it is important for us to have a significant share of the GDP. In the coming years, while the GDP of the Indian Union grows to 5-7 trillion dollars, if Tamilnadu is able to generate One Trillion fo this, we will wield much greater significance and importance in the union.