Bangaaru Adigalaar

  • In an area that restricted the entry of women, Bangaru Adigalar enabled a lot of women to participate and run it.

  • The Melmaruvathur Sitthar Peedam established by him is run by a group that is mostly-women. From raising funds to managing funds, all roles are held by women.

  • He made women enter the sanctum sanctorum to perform the rituals and broke an age-old myth. This move nailed the concept that God is accessible and is common to all.

  • By celebrating Christmas at the Melmaruvathur temple, he paved the way for religious harmony.

  • Despite being born in a backward background, he managed to establish such a big welfare institution and thus showed the world that caste or background doesn’t have anything to do with capacity.

  • This institution established by him turned Melmaruvathur into the hub it is today. 30 years ago, it was an area that was not so rich in opportunities. The establishment of this institution gave life to the area and made it bustle with activity.