C K Ranganathan (Cavin Kare)

  • Cavin Kare – A company that found success by introducing a line of products that feature a potent combination of nature and technology and thereby raising the standard of living of people. The person who founded this company is C K Ranganathan. With no urban exposure, C K Ranganathan from Cuddalore made quite a few jaws drop by taking his company to an international level.
  • It was 1983, a company called Chik India was started with a capital of Rs. 15000. This company is Cavin Kare, the multimillion dollar company that we see today. The company’s first product was Chik Shampoo. Slowly, with the growing support, it started introducing other beauty products, snacks, drinks, dairy products, and expanded its wings to embrace a major part of the consumer goods market.
  • Cavin Kare gained reputation by adapting itself to the ever-developing technology. By constantly keeping up with technological progress, it has not only survived through the years, but has flourished.
  • C K Ranganathan is constantly on the lookout for new trends. In his attempt to enter the grooming industry, he introduced the concept of ‘Family Saloon’ in India. He recruited well-trained professionals for such saloons. If you’re brainstorming for a weekend outing, a family wellness centre will certainly be a much welcomed idea. Acting on this idea, C K Ranganathan now has 2 wellness brands – Limelite and Green Trends. Whichever locality you go to, you are sure to spot a branch of these brands. That’s how popular they are in Tamil Nadu.
    C K Ranganathan once said “A person who started a business and failed is the most qualified person my company could recruit. For he/she who has failed will have the drive and thirst to succeed, and will thereby give their best to make the company grow.”
  • He started a centre for differently abled. By recognising and rewarding their talents, he has raised their quality of life and competence.
  • During his childhood, he used to save his pocket money and buy pet pigeons. There came a time where he had more than 200 pigeons in his house. Due to his mother’s pressure, he had to sell them all. This incident scarred him for life.

  • Though his businesses have reached every house of Tamil Nadu today, he felt something was amiss. He decided to do something about his childhood yearning. His latest venture is a step to heal this scar – an animal wellness institution named Sanchu. May this bold venture of his find great success like his other ventures