Padmasingh Isaac (Aachi Masala)

  • Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. If that breakfast is tasty and healthy, then your entire day gets that big boost it needs to achieve whatever you want. Get to know a brand that has been contributing to such tasty and healthy meals through its masalas – Aachi Masala. Padmasingh Isaac is the proud founder of this company.
  • In every household, cooking occupies a major portion of the day. Making masalas, especially, is a job that consumes a lot of time. Aachi Masalas have a big role in cutting the masala making process out of the cooking equation. Whatever you want to make, Aachi Masala has the masala ready for you to cook.
  • Today Aachi Masala products are on the kitchen shelves of every household. This is Isaac’s victory. His journey to score such victory is no small feat. It is a story that everyone who’s passionate about their dream needs to hear.
  • Isaac comes from a simple family. With a BBA degree, he started his career as a Sales Officer. He understood that every customer is valuable to his trade and that patience is the most important thing required in attracting customers. This is the advice he imparts to everyone who asks him the secret of his success.
  • During the early 1990s, a lot of Tamilians started flying to various nations for work and business. Homemade masalas, especially the one used for gravy (kuzhambu), were an essential part of the baggage of every Tamilian who had to cross seas. This is where Isaac identified his opportunity. In 1995, he founded Aachi Masala, and the first product of this company was Kuzhambu Chilli Powder that had such a growing demand.
  • Generally, the people of Tamil Nadu do not take easily toward any brand. And it certainly takes much more for a product to become a part of their regular household expenditure. If a product does get that status of being a regular household product in Tamil Nadu, then one can be sure that it’ll easily catch the tastes of international markets. This is what the first year of running the company taught Isaac. It is after this point that Aachi Masala’s sales took an aggressive pace.
  • He then introduced several other masalas that are everyday essentials in most houses today. The speciality of Aachi Masala it absolutely steers clear of artificial colours and flavours. Following the words of Nammazhwar, the agriculture scientist, Isaac made sure that his brand uses only natural ingredients that are produced as per traditional methods. This is something that speaks very highly of his brand and his commitment to providing quality products.
  • Aachi Masala was founded on the principle that service through food is a real service to people. And Indians have always prided themselves on the concept that good food is the best medicine one can have for a healthy life. This is how Aachi Masala won the number one place – with its quality products.

  • Now, his focus has also expanded to encouraging traditional farming methods to yield the highest possible quality of products. May his initiative to produce healthy products win!