Tamilnadu surpasses America in Higher Education!

  • Generally when we talk about the status of education of a particular country or state, we use Literacy Rate as a yardstick to measure and compare. But little do we know that Literacy Rate is not a proper scale of measurement when it comes to measuring the change in educational domain. Why so? Even if a person’s literacy is confined to signing just his or her name, they are considered ‘educated’. That’s how weak the concept is. So what could be the true measure of education? Higher Education GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) is the measure that reflects how well the particular area is faring in education. This measure shows how many pupils finish their primary education and enrol for higher education. By this yardstick, Tamilnadu’s progress in the field of education is drastically positive.
  • Currently, Tamilnadu’s GER is 49%. This is 8% higher than that of the United States of America. It is noteworthy that India’s as a country has achieved a GER of 26%, while Tamilnadu as a state has achieved a phenomenally higher GER of 49%!