• A hero who makes worries fly away, an evergreen stress buster who never fails to make us laugh. Yes, we’re talking about Vadivelu. Some make us laugh with their words, some make us laugh with funny actions, but that isn’t the case with Vadivelu. The very sight of him is enough to make us laugh.

  • Vadivelu belongs to the town of Madurai and comes from a humble background. He had an eye on acting since his childhood days. His flair for comedy was evident from his early days. In the early 90’s, he came to Chennai in search of a chance in cinema. He was given a small role in the movie ‘En Thangai Kalyani’. But his name did not appear in the title cards of that movie. So his next movie, ‘En Rasavin Manasile’, is officially considered as his first film.

  • His predecessors such as Nagesh and Chandrababu mostly adapted the slapstick style of comedy, while Goundamani’s speciality was comedy in his dialogues. Vadivelu combined both the styles and gave the Tamil audience something new, something they loved. The perfect example for this is the comedy scenes from the movie ‘Winner’. While his walk with a limp added a slapstick aspect to the comedy, his dialogues made people tear up with laughter. His comedies are such that they make us laugh at his cost and not at the cost of others being insulted. 

  • Social media sites would be a boring place to be if not for Vadivelu’s comedies. Memes using his comedies and dialogues are being used to spread laughter and information. Information is not just consumed by people in long pages. People like to consume information in formats they find interesting. A few social media pages use Vadivelu’s comedies to create memes and make boring information interesting. That’s how important Vadivelu’s comedy has become.

  • For Tamilians, Vadivelu’s dialogues are a part of our everyday conversations. Sometimes, those dialogues convey the emotions better than an entire paragraph. What’s more noteworthy is that there’s a dialogue for every situation!

  • The range of the characters he has played so wide that very few actors share a similar portfolio. From a college student to a cremator, he has played every character a person can think of. The characters are named such that it sticks hard to your memory just after the first time you see it. For example, Naai Sekar, Body Soda, Kaipulla, Style Paandi.

  • Not many actors have the quality of making people forget that ‘they’re acting’. In Kollywood, Vadivelu is an actor blessed with this rare talent, after Rajini.

  • Many spiritual leaders have been trying to get a concept to people. But they haven’t found much success with making their message understandable. Seems like all it took for people to understand was Vadivelu’s catchy language. We’re talking about his dialogue ‘Lojak Mojak Bajak’. How so, you may ask. Lojak – Birth, Mojak – Life, Bajak – Death. A powerful message encapsulated in a simple, catchy phrase. 

  • And the best part of his comedy is that it is loved by people of all categories and ages. A person who was born before 70 years and a child that will see his comedy after 70 years will laugh just the same. His fame will go on till Tamil lives, till the last Tamilan lives. In his words, ‘Avaruku End Card e kidaiyathu!’