• If the literary world had a hero of controversies, it was Jeyamohan. He refused the Padma Shri award offered by the Government of India.

  • A writer with a rich fandom. ‘Vishnupuram Vaasagar Vattam’, an association run by his readers conducts a ceremony every year to honour Tamil writers.

  • Literature enthusiasts look up to him as a teacher. He writes about Mahabharata under the title of ‘Vennmurasu’. With that the readership for his work grew enormously. He is also praised for converting a lot of non-readers to readers, with his work.

  • Jeyamohan’s novels are  mostly controversial in nature. Some of his novels are ‘Rubber’, ‘Vishnupuram’, ‘Kaadu’, ‘Pinthodarum Nizhalin Kural’, ‘Ezhaam Ulagam’, ‘Vellai yaanai’. His novel ‘Pinthodarum Nizhalin Kural’ earned him the united opposition of left-wing parties.

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