S. Ramakrishnan

  • If Gabriel García Márquez is the magician of crafting fantasy fiction, then Ramakrishnan is the Gabriel García Márquez of Tamil literature. His stories like ‘Thunaiyezhuthu’ and ‘Desaandhiri’, which were published by a big magazine, created a great impact on the readers.

  • The lifestyle of people in relatively dry areas, their struggles, their yearnings and their little pleasures are beautifully and realistically described by Ramakrishnan.

  • His keen observation of every inch of the land makes ‘Nedunkuruthi’ a window, through which a reader can see the people of the land. 

  • For a few writers, their speech may not be as great as their writing. That is not the case with Ramakrishnan. The experience you get from his book is what you will get when you attend his speech. His speeches on world literature have garnered much praise.

  • He has the habit of waking up at 2 a.m. to write. A simple human, who doesn’t like to comment on his contemporaries or get into controversies.

  • His articles on world cinema are a treat for movie lovers. He has also written for Tamil movies like ‘Avan Ivan’ and ‘Sandaikozhi’. His famous work ‘Kodugal Illaadha Varaipadam’ revolves around the adventures of travellers like Vasco da Gama, Al-Biruni, and Marco Polo .

  • He is an avid traveller and has visited a lot of places in India. In his words, “Travelling without a plan is a kind of a sport. One needs courage and interest to learn to go about random adventures.”

  • Ramakrishnan is one of Rajini’s favourite authors. Rajini’s biography was written by Ramakrishnan, but it wasn’t released since they considered it might hurt the sentiments of many. Rajini had attended the ceremony in which Ramakrishnan was awarded the Iyal Award. Rajini praised that Ramakrishnan is one of the rare writers who thought of literature instead of money, even when he was in poverty.

  • One of the dialogues he wrote in Sandakozhi earned the fury of feminists and this issue grabbed the headline of the day. 

  • Ramakrishnan has proved his competency across various areas such as literature, magazine, research, plays, short film, movies, and workshops. Such diversity won him the Sahitya Akademi Award.

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