• The voices of the northern part of Tamil Nadu, their struggles and livelihood have found a way to reach the masses through writer Imayam’s literary works.
  • He is a writer who is determined to portray reality. The drastic difference between the lifestyles of our father’s generation and our generation capture a major part of his works.
  • He aims at giving the best with every work of his. ‘Koveru Kazhudhaigal’, ‘Saedal’ ‘Saavu Soru’, ‘Sellaadha Payanam’, ‘Manbaaram’, ‘Video Mariyamman’, ‘Petthavan’, ‘Engadhe’, and ‘Vaazhga Vaazhga’ are some of his renowned works. 
  • Imayam was awoken by a sorrowful wail in the middle of the night. This was the starting point of his novel ‘Koveru Kazhudhaigal’. This novel was his first creation, and this was the novel that people still remember and talk about, when they hear the words ‘Writer Imayam’.
  • His works are also known for the realistic portrayal of women’s lives and perspectives. His novel ‘Engadhe’ is the best example for his true portrayal of women’s views and lives.
  • He revealed the horrors behind the system of caste, through his novel ‘Petthavan’. His readers are bringing about a social change by gifting Imayam’s works like ‘Petthavan’ and ‘Engadhe’, to their near and dear. 
  • Kriya is a publication that brought various Tamil works under the limelight and made them gain a popularity equal to English books. From his first creation to his latest novel ‘Vaazhga Vaazhga’, all of Imayam’s works have been published by Kriya Publications.
  • “If I could create a word that brims with meaning and beauty, and stands the test of time – something on the scales of the word ‘Kaalamaagivittaar’ – that would be my greatest achievement.” , these words are from Imayam himself. ‘Kaalamaagivittaar’ crudely translates to ‘passed away’, but is much more beautiful than its synonyms. There are some words that do not have an equivalent in other languages, this is one such word.

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