• Sa. Kandasamy’s works serve as the voice of oppressed people. When magazines with a big readership failed to take the issues to the public, he took it to the public through his magazine that had a limited readership and succeeded in achieving the reach he wanted.  He is a second generation writer in modern literature.
  • Apart from literature, his interests included documentaries, sand sculptures, and fine art. Some of his famous novels include ‘Saayaavanam’, ‘Visaaranai Commission’, ‘Thakkaiyin meedhu naanngu kanngal’. These novels were made into documentaries too.
  • Reading the words of great people like Nehru, Periyaar and U. V. Swaminatha Iyer is what inspired him to write. He kept writing and contributing to Tamil literature till his last days. His works will always be treasured by Tamil readers.

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