• In Tamil literature, Sujatha and experimentation are synonymous. He explored a lot of media, like short stories, novels, essays, translations, cinema dialogues.
  • He helped the Tamil literature world upgrade itself to from writing manually on physical paper to typing on a computer. He came up with Tamil words for thousands of technical terms in the field of computer science.
  • He successfully juggled writing modern literature for Ananda Vigadan, and ancient style of literature for Kanaiyaazhi, simultaneously.
  • When the sci-fi genre was flying in the western world, Sujatha gave us a glimpse into the sci-fi world, without confusing us with complicated terms or concepts. He was a visionary, who thought about the electronic voting machine way before it was invented.
  • His style of writing was simple enough for anyone to read. But that simple language was not to be underestimated. The ability to leave a sharp impression with simple words is highly underrated. And this is Sujatha’s expertise. 
  • His characters Ganesh and Vasanth will go on to live in the hearts of readers for centuries. He never failed to appreciate up and coming writers on their works. Such traits are what made him stand out from the rest.

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