• Some personalities cannot be replaced and are beyond comparison. Jayakanthan was one such writer whose writing was a result of an extraordinary thought process.

  • Whatever medium he chose, short stories, novels or movies, he never failed to amaze his fans. His pen was his weapon in exposing the dark sides of the society. His literary works widened the reach of Tamil language. Apart from his writing time, he spent most of his time with his gang of friends. The readers who fell in love with his writing would not miss his speech for anything in the world.

  • A youngster had come to him seeking his help, from the village of Pannaipuram. To this youngster, he said, ‘The belief you placed in me should have placed in yourself’. These words of Jayakanthan lit an ever-burning thirst to succeed in the youngster. That youngster later came to be known as ‘Isaignani Ilaiyaraja’. To honour their friendship, Ilaiyaraja produced a documentary about Jayakanthan.

  • His interests aligned with left-wing philosophies. He had great respect for Comrade Jeeva. The lessons Jayakanthan learnt from Comrade Jeeva at an early age helped him bring out a realistic picture of the people who are fighting with poverty, every second of their life.

  • He is a writer who was celebrated throughout his life and is celebrated even after his death by the people of Tamil Nadu.

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